"you guys really made my day what it was, happy, joyous and stress free"

What can I say?  Without the two of you my day wouldn't have gone as smoothly.  I was calm and able to enjoy the day because you were taking care of all the little details that I had dreamed up in my head and you made them become reality.  You ran my rehearsal with ease - even with my crazy family/friends.  Talk about herding cats!  Then handling all the little details and only involving me when necessary.  It was very difficult for this event planner to really let go but when I asked a question, you already had it taken care of!  From sewing up Jason's tux to crawling on the floor as I walked in to ensure my train was straight - you guys really made my day what it was, happy, joyous and stress free! 

-Cassandra Goes

"I couldn't have asked for anyone more professional or helpful"

Kasey and Melissa were a HUGE help both before and during my wedding! I couldn't have asked for anyone more professional or helpful. From the first time I met with them, they were on top of everything I asked for. They created my time line for me, helped me make a photo list, directed other vendors, helped set up my tables, ran my guest book (which had a polaroid camera), set up games at the kids table, and kept me sane! They made sure I ate and got everything else I asked for all night. They stayed until the very end of the night and even helped load gifts into my in-laws car so my husband and I could go to our hotel early. I would work with them again in a heart beat and I highly recommend them to anyone getting married.

-Katie and Tony

"You were like two magical fairies that just took care of everything..."
"You were like two magical fairies that just took care of everything..."

Both of you did a tremendous job on my wedding day. You were just what I needed. It was such a relief to have someone come to me and tell me they had a huge package in their car and I was able to just turn them to you and it was taken care of. Everything made it home wonderfully! The reception was set up perfectly and I really appreciated that you took some pictures before everything was torn up.

I understand that you did a wonderful job negotiating with the hotel regarding the number of candles per table and that when you got there, some of their early set up didn't really follow my instructions and you fixed that.

When my train broke, I don't know what I would have done without you, but I know I would have been out of commission for a lot longer than I was.

Unfortunately, I'm sure I don't even have a complete idea of all that you did. I think the best thing I can say is that everything was exactly as I had dreamt and I didn't have to think or worry about any of it, you were like two magical fairies that just took care of everything without me even knowing there was a problem to be dealt with! Truly, I dreamt my event and Dream It Events made it happen!

Thank you Melissa and Kasey!

-Christine and Ray

"Their experience and knowledge was a true blessing that we could not have done without."
"Their experience and knowledge was a true blessing that we could not have done without."
Recently my wife and I got hitched in Squaw Valley CA / Lake Tahoe. Our wedding was absolutely perfect. I know it was our wedding so I am a bit bias but, it was seriously the perfect wedding. It was a lot of fun and just as we pictured our special day. Dream it Events played a huge role in our success and helped us host a wedding that will be remembered for years to come.

Both Kasey and Melissa are great people and true lifesavers. They are both easy to work with and make it their goal to alleviate all the stress from your shoulders so you can simply relax and enjoy your special day.

Prior to our wedding day Kasey and Melissa came to our house to get to know us on a personal level. They wanted to make sure that they had a clear vision of what we wanted so they could custom tailor our event to match our personalities and style. We sat and talked freely for a few hours while they took notes and went over all the important details that you never really think of on your own. Their experience and knowledge was a true blessing that we could not have done with out.

Our wedding was an all day event with 188 people with two bands, ten groomsman, five bridesmaids, a caterer, a facilities manger, a florist, a baker, a photography team, and a serving crew. Kasey and Melissa worked well with everyone and were successful in making sure everything fell in place flawlessly.

Whether your event is a large party or an intimate get-together Dream It Events can help you. If you are looking for someone to plan your entire event or just assisting you on your special day, Dream It Events is the right place for you. No matter how much you think you can do on your own, Dream it Events knows planning and they let you enjoy your special day.

-Joe Commendatore

"the best decision we made for our wedding"

What Melissa Franco and her team did for our wedding is something money cannot buy. She was thoughtful and caring and treated me, DH, and all our family and friends with such kindness. She has a wonderful personality and diffused every stressful situation by making everyone laugh and by coming up with excellent quick fix solutions. Melissa is an amazing problem solver and she is just the person you want to take care of you and those you hold most dear on your big day.

I hired Melissa as my Day of Coordinator, but she did so many things that fall far outside that job description. Our venue called less than two weeks before the wedding to say that the city had begun construction near our ceremony location. I called Melissa in a panic and she straightened everything out - there were no remnants of the construction visible on my wedding day.

Then there was the rehearsal, for which we were almost an hour late. Melissa stayed a full extra hour and never complained or rushed us through it. She made sure everything was right and that everyone was comfortable with their role before we were done.

We had a lot of printing trouble, and so by the day before the wedding we still had not assembled the programs, place cards, favors, and many other crucial details. Melissa stepped in and went to the fabric store to get the exact ribbon I wanted for the programs, then assembled them all herself. She assembled our favors and cleaned up the mess the printers had left with our place cards. She even found a way to fit in 4 last minute guests and she picked up 150 sparklers for our farewell at the end of the night. I felt so guilty throwing all these extra tasks at her the day before the wedding, but she never complained and executed everything perfectly.

On the wedding day I was so thrilled to see that all the decorations and projects I worked so hard to plan were all perfectly executed by Melissa and her team. She brought along two interns and they all wore those wireless headsets so they could communicate easily by cell phone. Melissa was a superhero that day. I wasn't there for all the setup, but my in-laws were and they were amazed at how she was always in 10 places at once and was always one step ahead of the other vendors, helping them set up.

During the wedding, Melissa consistently made sure that DH and I were happy. She handed me a glass of the special sangria we asked for and if she hadn't, there's no way I would've been able to taste it. She helped me with my dress change for the reception and made sure DH and I had lots of cake in our getaway car to enjoy later.

Hiring Melissa was the best decision we made for our wedding. She made our day so special and memorable and we will always be grateful to her for that!

-Sharlene Denos